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With Jean Fallacara: Scientist, Disruptor, and Author of Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack Your Body Clock

Jean Fallacara

Jean Fallacara is a serial entrepreneur, scientist, athlete, engineer, and author of a futuristic biohacking book. Born in France, Jean has always been a strong advocate of getting control of your body to improve your wellness and longevity.


Jean is the founder and the mastermind behind Cyborggainz, the first Human Optimization arena in the world that incorporates functional neuroscience into sports and fitness to redefine your workouts and enhance the performance of your body and brain.


Using his knowledge of neuroplasticity, science, biohacking, and cognitive functions, Jean has created this futuristic human optimization platform so you can live healthier.


Since the young age of 24, Jean’s entire life has been about being an entrepreneur. By using creativity and ideas of leadership, he has become the founder of a few success stories.


Backed up with the mental toughness of a warrior and the confidence to deal with any threat, he shares the inner secrets of a Cyborg’s Mental Toughness with Corporate Executives, and Elite Athletes.

Owner of the
Biohackers Magazine

Jean Fallacara is also the owner of the Biohackers Magazine. Biohacking techniques can help you improve your performance and optimize your body and mind. They lower your chances of contracting a condition to which you are genetically predisposed.

Unveiling the Art of Biohacking Your
Body Clock with His Book

Way ahead of its time, Jean’s book about Neuroscience Calisthenics delves into the untapped benefits of neuroscience for body optimization. Backed by numerous scientific studies and solid groundwork, this book reveals how the concepts of neuroscience can help transform you into a real-world cyborg. Hack your own life and be in control by using exercise, sleep, and nutrition to achieve new milestones of performance in life or in business – both for your body and your mind.

Learn How Your Conscious and Subconscious
Decisions Shape Your Life

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