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Biohacking is the latest in the fitness world. It’s also known as human augmentation or enhancement that promotes your overall well-being. Here’s why people love it and why it’s trending.

Why is Biohacking So Popular?

Biohacking is described as DIY biology because you’re taking charge of your body by deciding what to put in it and making other changes for its optimization. The term has become very popular in the fitness world because it includes doable tasks that make everything from weight loss to sleeping better. Some reasons why it’s popular are:

  • It optimizes bodily functions like blood pressure and gut bacteria.
  • It helps in weight loss.
  • It aids in better sleep.
  • It improves fitness routines and helps keep track of progress through biohacking devices and apps.
  • It decreases the risk of developing diseases.

Latest Biohacking Trends

Biohacking has many trends just like any other topic, that gain a lot of attention and scrutiny. A lot of biohackers promote using apps and gadgets for effective biohacking. You can do it ‘naturally’ as well. Let’s look at some of the ongoing trends below.

1.   Optimizing Diet Based on Genes

Biohackers promote hacking your nutrition to improve your health, aid in weight loss, and age slower. From science’s point of view, those who eat better, i.e., less processed and more plant-based foods, tend to live longer and have healthier bodies.

You’ll see a lot of biohackers also talk favorably about intermittent fasting, well, there’s another way they’ve started optimizing food. They’re looking into their genes to optimize their nutrition. This practice is called nutrigenomics. It involves recognizing specific genetic markers to create a personalized diet plan. Time to put that DNA ancestry kit to good use that you received for Christmas. 

2.   Brain Cleansing Through Sleep

When you don’t sleep right, you’re tired the day after, and when you don’t get the proper sleep for a few days, you’ll tend to become stressed. Stressing and poor sleep ruins the quality of life. Sleep deprivation can also weaken your body’s immune system and put it at risk for diseases. Biohacking trends mainly center around extending one’s life, and as such, getting the recommended amount of sleep is considered integral. You’ll also be able to ‘cleanse your brain’ with it, which will make you fresh and in excellent shape for the morning after.

3.   Promoting Time in Nature

Spending time in nature can help you relax and decreases stress. Nature promotes healing, and a lot of people, biohackers or not, love ecotherapy. It lowers cortisol levels and lowers blood pressure. It also lifts your mood significantly.

Learn more with Serial Entrepreneur and Biohacking Expert Jean Fallacara

Biohacking to experience cyborg gains is no more a pipe dream. Your body is hackable, and your goals achievable. If you want to learn more about biohacking and how to do it effectively, Jean Fallacara can help.

You can also read his book, Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack Your Body Clock, to know how to improve your calisthenics workouts and learn tips to train like a cyborg. Reach out to us for more details on strength training!

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