One of the greatest parts about falling in love and staying with your partner is encouraging each other to be the best version of themselves. This means being with them through thick and thin and supporting them in this journey to improve mental and physical health. You might have heard that couples who grow together, stick together, so why not take things up a notch and help our partners be more fit? One of the best ways to stay physically and mentally healthy is through neuroscience calisthenics or bodyweight strength training, which every couple can incorporate into their lives.

Here’s how your partner and you can stay in love while staying fit! Scroll down to read calisthenics exercises for couples. After all, what is love but experiencing things together?

Why Should You Work out With Your Partner?

Working out with your partner by your side isn’t just romantic; it also has numerous other advantages. According to several studies, couples who exercise together, stick to their workout routines, ensuring better results. Moreover, such couples support each other and build a healthier relationship, alongside building healthier bodies. Oh, and did we mention that the dropout rate of people exercising with their partner is way less than people who exercise alone or without any friends?

A workout buddy, aka your partner, is a great way to stay motivated in the gym. In addition, your partner can also encourage you to stick to your fitness goals while holding you accountable (lovingly, of course!), for your fitness journey. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that couples should be each other’s exercise or calisthenics partners. After all, who knows your fitness dreams and the best ways to motivate you better than the love of your life?

Start Doing Calisthenics with Your Partner—How to Find a Balance?

However, finding a calisthenics routine that suits both of you can be complicated. The trick is to try different calisthenics exercises to find and set the perfect routine. You can add new exercises, remove previous ones, decrease and increase time, and overall mix and match to do a calisthenics routine you both enjoy.

If you don’t know how to take the first step, here are some calisthenics exercises you can try.

Squat High-Fives

If you and your partner love adding fun to everything, this one’s for you! As the name suggests, this exercise is a combination of squats and high-fives. Squats allow you to build your core muscles, including hip and thigh muscles. But have you ever found yourself giving up in the middle of an intense squat workout? Just high-five your partner in between to keep going!

 Stand opposite them, facing each other. Keep your body in a chair pose and your hands in front, bringing them together in a prayer pose. Start doing squats, and every time you jump up from a squat, give your partner a high-five. This will motivate you to keep going for a long time. Do as many sets as you can manage.

Speedy Dips (Doubles)

Another calisthenics exercise that you and your partner will love is the speedy dips. Start by getting into a position where one of you has to do dips by keeping their hands on the ground while the other one keeps their hands on the other person’s knees to do dips.

Keep switching positions so that your knees don’t bruise. Moreover, do these dips as fast as possible while never moving your arm beyond a 90-degree angle. This exercise will help you work on your arm muscles!

Side-to-Side Crunches

Okay, these are crunches, but with an exciting twist for couples who want to work out together. You already know that crunches help you transform a belly pooch into gorgeous abs, so do try this calisthenics exercise with your partner.

Start by laying down in a standard crunch position, with your legs overlapping your partner’s legs. Lift your shoulders from the ground and move them from one side to another. Try to do this as quickly as possible, and reach out and hold your partner’s hand for maximum motion range.

Ballet Clapping Sumo Squats

Oh, another fun calisthenics exercise! We sure aren’t getting tired of these anytime soon. This exercise is perfect for people starting calisthenics, as it doesn’t require a lot of movement. However, you should have great stamina for this workout that you can build by warming up before the exercise.

In this calisthenics workout, stand in the standard sumo squat position facing your partner. After this, stand on tip-toes and maintain your balance as you do sumo squats as fast as possible. Once you find your rhythm, start clapping with your partner during the squats.

Bent-Over Row Hold

This exercise does wonders for your back muscles. In this exercise, one person has to lay straight on the ground while the other stands on top, holding their ankles. The standing partner has to move their ankles as weights, bring them to the thighs and then squat down to bring them to the ground. Change positions and repeat.

Follow High-Performance Coach and Expert

Once you master all these neuroscience calisthenics exercises, you can learn more workout routines. Jean Fallacara is a calisthenics trainer and author who regularly shares tips on how to train like a cyborg.

His award-winning book is considered one of the best books on neuroscience calisthenics that every couple will love. You can also learn more about cyborg workout routines by following his podcasts.

For any queries, you can always reach out to this fitness coach and author through our website.

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