improved performance with biohacking

Individuals would see results in 12–16 weeks if they consistently exercised. Overtraining and undertraining don’t help, and sometimes even the simplest mistakes can ruin your workout performance. A lesser-used way to boost it is biohacking. Biohackers normally use various gadgets and techniques to improve their well-being. However, it can improve workout performance as well, and it’s even recommended to athletes.

1.  Take a Walk

Get the blood pumping without the exertion of exercise. If you’ve been to the gym, ever, you’ve likely seen people doing high-intensity workouts that burn calories like no other. These high-impact sessions are not always what your body needs. They’re movements for movement’s sake.

Athletes and avid gym-goers usually find their bodies breaking down on them, like the professional tennis player Andy Murray. Instead, opt for something that gets your body moving without the intensity. Try walking, which burns energy and builds muscles in your legs.

2.  Try Supplements

Supplements can boost athletic performance by helping you last longer. Some popular supplements buffer lactate acid, which helps your muscles last longer. They can also help retain NAD levels.

3.  Vitamins to Improve Focus

Many people take vitamins to improve their energy, and they can help with exercising today. Boosting certain vitamin levels increases your focus and your attention span. This increased focus helps in high-intensity interval training. Vitamins will help both your mind and body. Fatigue and mental exhaustion go hand in hand. If you’re exhausted, you might make a mistake while working out.

4.  Try Biohacking Apps and Gadgets

Biohacking has been made easy by new apps and gadgets. Technology truly is a wonder, and you can use it to improve your workout by tracking different metrics. Apps and trackers can provide information and keep track of your progress. You can use this information to see where your performance can be better. It also makes it easy to monitor glucose levels, heart rate, recovery time, etc.

5.  Ketones to Supercharge the Body

Think of your body as a highway; there are four lanes, and each is a different pathway to energy like carbohydrates, fat, alcohol, and ketones. To get the most out of your workout, you need to maximize your energy. Your fat lane is a slower one, while the carbohydrate one is the fast lane. You need to maximize the gains from this lane, but utilizing the lesser-known ketones lane can supercharge your body.

Improve Workouts with The Help of Biomedical Expert and Author Jean Fallacara

Whatever workout you choose to do, you need to do it right, and biohacking can help. If you want to learn more about biohacking to improve your strength and boost your workout, check out calisthenics coach and entrepreneur Jean Fallacara.

You can also read his book, Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack Your Body Clock, to know how to improve your calisthenics workouts and learn tips to train like a cyborg. Reach out to us for more details on strength training!

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