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Biohacking is a learning and re-educating process to optimize health by changing the body’s chemistry. This will improve the energy and vitality of the body. Although it’s a fairly recent approach, it’s constantly evolving and broadening.

Biohackers use technology and other strategic interventions to improve their well-being and body performance.

We can find traces of the biohacking concept in ancient times, where communities used meditation and intermittent fasting as human augmentation approaches.

Today, many biohackers are using technical devices and gadgets to fix human flaws such as genetic diseases and the process of aging. The reason behind such an extreme concept goes beyond mere health concerns. Biohacking experts and other fitness coaches and experts use biohacking to explore unconventional ideas in an attempt to gain full control over their bodies.

One famous biohacker is Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, a firm believer in the biohacking process. He endorses biohacking through intermittent fasting to maintain low blood sugar and healthy body weight.

Other biohackers are focused on optimizing their health through a nutrigenomics diet. This process entails evaluating DNA to prepare a personalized diet plan for each person.

There are several methods of incorporating biohacking into your life to achieve the desired results. Let’s discuss what biohacking is and how does it work.

Biohacking and The Body

Biohacking the body means changing the body’s physiology through technology and science. Much of the process takes place through self-experimentation as you get to learn about your body and maintain a diet and routine that suits your needs.

Biohacking includes the following:

· Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

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One of the most followed biohacking processes is through dietary changes and lifestyle habits. By incorporating meditation, healthy eating, neuroscience calisthenics training, and even spending time with nature, you can improve your body’s performance.

Many neuroscience calisthenics practitioners include cyborg workout routines to get control over their bodies. These rituals will also help you learn more about your bodies, encouraging healthier habits.

· Technical Devices

You can also get some help through technical devices that help you be more mindful by giving you reminders. Devices like Apple Watch, Muse headbands, and other wearables can be very helpful for beginners.

· Implant Technology

A subset of biohackers who practice cyborgs gains implant devices to take their progress to the next level. Although this isn’t a mainstream biohacking approach yet, microchips and gene editing tools and devices exist, which are a huge part of our future.

We can easily communicate with everyone through these devices embedded into our bodies without carrying cellphones in our pockets. These practices push medical quests to the limit to access longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

· Genetic Re-Engineering

On another spectrum of biohacking, people are also considering blood transfusions to edit their genes through CRISPR. Although it’s regarded as one of the most controversial biohacking practices, with this concept, the possibilities of human augmentation and optimizing health and wellness are endless.

How Does Biohacking Work?

The best way to begin biohacking is through diet and mindful exercises. They’re a non-invasive biohacking approach that you can benefit from. Here’s how biohacking methods work.

· Biohacking of Circulatory System

Cold therapy is a popular biohacking method that improves the body’s circulatory system. During cold therapy, biohackers expose their bodies to cold temperatures for a few minutes and then return to normal temperature.

The body releases endorphins, and blood rushes back into the tissues, providing oxygen and nutrients. This biohacking method can improve your energy levels and enhance your body functions in just 3 to 4 minutes.

· Biohacking Overall Health

Another method of biohacking your health is through red light therapy. Many calisthenics training experts endorse this method as it improves brain and body functions.

Through red light therapy, your body will be exposed to vitamin D. The light therapy wavelengths are between 600 to 900 nm. Studies reveal that our bodies respond well to red light therapy between 600 to 900 nm. Through this therapy, the light is absorbed by the mitochondrial chromophores, improving the metabolism and nervous system.

Red light therapy is a biohacking method that relieves inflammation and prevents pain.

· Biohacking Lymphatic System

Biohacking methods can help detoxify the lymphatic system and increase blood flow in the body.

· Biohacking Diet

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Intermittent fasting is a common biohacking method to stay healthy by gaining muscles and losing fat. Intermittent fasting is an old-fashioned diet method that offers many benefits to the body.

Intermittent fasting allows the body to rest in a ‘fasted state’ so when you feed your body, it can digest and absorb nutrients. Three to four hours after eating, the body’s insulin levels are high because it absorbs the food’s nutrients. After this, the body needs to rest for a few hours to get to its normal state.

The fasted state of the body increases growth hormones and boosts metabolism. Some experts also believe that intermittent fasting helps in reducing LDL cholesterol.

· Biohacking Supplements

Many biohackers boost the biohacking process through supplements. These supplements increase energy levels and improve focus. High-quality pills and bars fill the gap between nutrition, body function, and performance.

Detoxification can boost energy levels, and the supplements can speed up the biohacking process.

NeuroBoost B12

This supplement boosts the circulatory and nervous systems of the body. It increases focus and optimizes energy levels.

Vital Energy

This supplement provides vital nutrients necessary to boost body performance and achieve peak efficiency.

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