Obesity is a major problem in the US, with it being prevalent in 41.9% of adults over 21. Staying alive isn’t enough; you need to live your life to the fullest, but obesity can cut it short pretty quickly. However, we do realize that losing weight is no easy task. Many people tend to give up when they realize how much work they need to put in. There’s also no magical fat burner that can give you your ideal body.

Luckily, with more research, we have more ways to help people lose weight than just spending hours exercising, which is biohacking. Here are some simple tweaks you can add to your daily and hack your body for optimal weight loss.

1.  Try Keto Coffee

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If you want to save time and want an easy trick to biohack for weight loss, try keto coffee. You can take any coffee you like and add butter or grass-fed ghee for an energy that’s sustained throughout the day.

Adding butter and ghee to your diet in any way might seem contradictory, considering you’re trying to lose weight and not gain it. But with the addition of butter or ghee, you can feel full longer, and you’ll also have fewer cravings. This is because of the high-fat content present in both.

2.  Try Spicy Foods

According to research, spicy food can speed up your metabolism and slow down your appetite. It’s a great way to lose weight because when added to your diet, it increases the body’s fat-burning capacity. Some spices release a compound called capsaicin when consumed that stimulates the growth of brown fat that’s good for metabolism.

3.  Improve Sleeping Habits

A healthy sleeping pattern is essential for good health, and it’s a good way to biohack your weight as well. You should get the recommended amount of sleep every night, and before sleeping, put your phone and other devices away to relax your mind. You should also stop eating a little while before bed so your body can absorb the nutrients and break down the food.

4.  Try Herbs & Supplements

Biohacking is possible with a few tweaks and adjustments. One of these tweaks is adding some herbs and supplements to your diet. Determine where your weaknesses lie. Are you taking something lower than needed, or are you taking it in excess? Herbs will make subtle changes to your physiology and aid you in your goals.

Take a Biohacking Approach to Fitness

Biohacking optimizes the functioning of the human body and helps in more than just fat loss. If you want to improve yourself to the best of your abilities, incorporate biohacking in all areas of your life with the help of Jean Fallacara.

If you’re interested in learning more about the biohackers fitness training that will give you optimal fitness and aid weight loss, serial entrepreneur and biohacking expert Jean Fallacara can help! You can also check out his book, Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack Your Body Clock, to know how you can use biohacking effectively.

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