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The world of technology and medical sciences is evolving, and biohacking is one of the latest, most popular discoveries. The internet is filled with serial entrepreneurs and biohacking experts who benefitted from biohacking and are happy to share their experiences. This has motivated many people to try biohacking.

However, rookie biohackers make mistakes while hacking their bodies and minds. Here are some common mistakes from beginner biohackers and how you can avoid them.

Following Too Many Biohacking Experts

We understand that the online world has many biohacking experts with unique biohacking techniques. However, this doesn’t mean you should follow every expert and copy everything they do.

People new to biohacking often become obsessed with results, pushing themselves constantly to get a better mind and body. Biohacking is an effective procedure, but a slow one, and following every biohacker’s routine will mess up your physical and mental health. Be patient and follow a couple of biohackers that you trust.

Trying General Biohacking Techniques

Yes, starving themselves might have worked for your friend, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Most expert biohackers discuss general biohacking techniques, but those might now give you the results you expect. We all have different body types, and we require different diets, exercise, and sleep cycles.

Therefore, we recommend always considering your needs before trying a general biohack. For instance, skipping breakfast and just sipping coffee wouldn’t give you the energy you need if you work for long hours. Consider your situation before starting the biohacking journey.

Using Supplements Without Understanding the Side Effects

Nutritional supplements are a great way to ensure that your body gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs. Therefore, many biomedical experts recommend taking multivitamin supplements while consuming a healthy diet. This is fine, but the issue arises when rookie biohackers consume multivitamins without understanding their ingredients and side effects beforehand.

Supplement manufacturers provide a lot of information about their product’s benefits through various marketing platforms. But is it okay to believe every benefit they guarantee? Instead of just taking supplements based on a company’s promotion, research the ingredients beforehand  to determine if you need them or are they just a waste of money. Some supplements with added hormones can also harm your body in the long run!

Person taking biohacking supplements without understanding the side effects

To ensure that you make none of the biohacking mistakes mentioned above, we recommend following serial entrepreneur and biohacking expert: Jean Fallacara. His work as a biomedical expert and author has inspired thousands of people globally. We hope your biohacking will find a direction once you start listening to his podcasts about biohacking to experience cyborg gains. You can also get in touch with him through our website for any queries.

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