Start the biohacking life by tracking your glucose and monthly cycle

In the first week of March, we witnessed many brands and businesses launching deals and products celebrating International Women’s Day. Many women agreed that it was a good practice, but we have a question: Why should celebrating femininity be reserved for a single day or week in the year? Femininity is powerful, and we should celebrate it 24/7, 365 days a year! And what better way to celebrate womanhood than giving women wings to fly and be the best version of themselves!

Many biomedical experts and authors have discovered biohacking techniques that help women lead healthier and longer lives. Scroll down to read the best biohacking tips for women.

Track Your Monthly Cycle

Many Silicon Valley Biohacking experts state that women make better biohackers, as they’re more naturally in-tune with their bodies. And we agree! With proper healthcare, women can be the best biohackers on the planet, and the right way to do that is by tracking your monthly cycle.

According to research, period blood allows medical professionals to detect diseases like reproduction issues, cardiovascular health problems, and depression early. Therefore, biohacking experts recommend women be intensely aware of their natural monthly cycles. For this purpose, you can use cycle tracking apps or even reach out to medical professionals. Remember, if something is wrong with your monthly ovulation and cycle, you might have another underlying health issue.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

Sugar is commonly known as one of the greatest threats to the human body and mind. This is why it should come as no surprise that biomedical experts encourage women to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly. According to research, many women with hormonal issues also have blood sugar problems, indicating undiagnosed pre-diabetes.

Therefore, monitoring blood sugar levels help women know if there is anything wrong with their bodies. In addition, you can also reach peak performance by monitoring your blood glucose and taking steps to regulate it.

Even if you get blood sugar level checkups regularly, we recommend taking things into your hand and monitoring your blood sugar levels through any application. These apps will help you know if you eat extra sugar during the day and assist you in decreasing your blood sugar levels.

Try Anti-Anxiety Breathing Exercises

Many researchers conclude that women are more likely to develop mental health disorders like anxiety and stress. Many other physical health problems in women are also linked to high anxiety levels. Therefore, most biohacking experts recommend women take care of their minds alongside their bodies. The best biohacking anti-anxiety tip for women is a straightforward breathing exercise.

Try inhaling and exhaling, and practice mindful breathing meditation alongside. Trust us; you can witness reduced anxiety and rib and chest flare by breathing down the belly and releasing your breath.

Biomedical experts recommend breathing exercises

Hydrate Your Body (Before and After a Workout)

Do you know that hydrating your body is the best way to facilitate the recovery procedure after a hard workout? Therefore, biohackers recommend women hydrate their bodies before a workout with watermelon water. Watermelon water increases nitric oxide in the body and oxygenates your blood vessels, resulting in a better workout.

Moreover, these biomedical experts also suggest women end their workouts with tart cherry juice. Tart cherry juice has anti-inflammatory properties that make muscle recovery faster. It’s vital for women, as they have slower muscle fatigue than men, increasing the need for a lengthier recovery. And the tool to that is tart cherry juice!

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Yogurt

The purpose of biohacking is to keep your mind, body, and skin young! Due to higher inflammation, women deal with skin issues like acne, oily skin, and more all the time. Therefore, biomedical experts provide a simple solution to women — a yogurt face mask!

Greek yogurt contains probiotics that decrease inflammation and rejuvenate the skin, especially for women who get acne regularly. Using yogurt face masks reminds us that biohacking doesn’t have to include complicated techniques or expensive technology.

Yogurt face masks are a rejuvenating biohacking technique

Wear Loose Clothing

No, we’re no one to tell a woman how she should dress, but tight clothes compress your body into an unnatural shape, negatively impacting the gut. In addition, it also squeezes your internal organs and stops the proper functioning of the digestive system. These can lead to indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn.

Therefore, biomedical experts ask women to get rid of societal standards of beauty and stop forcing themselves in size zero clothes. Instead, you should wear light and loose clothing, especially when you’re eating. Throw away all the waist trainers as we’re sure your body looks terrific naturally!

Try Orgasmic Meditation

Many women have trouble experiencing pleasure during sex because they get distracted by other thoughts. Therefore, female researchers push women to think less and get in the moment. Instead of staying in your mind, you need to get in your body and start exploring.

One such biohacking technique is orgasmic meditation, where you or your partner strokes your clitoris for 20 minutes or more. This technique should have no other goal except feeling pleasure at the moment and relaxing your mind and body!

Set-Up Many Experiments

Do you think the same diet plans and sleep schedules work for everyone? The answer is a big NO, as every woman’s body is different. Biohackers encourage women to be the subject of their experiments and discover what’s right for them. Make changes in your lifestyle, and witness how the changes affect your health and wellness. Women, you’re in charge of your own biohacking!

However, as discussed above, all women’s bodies differ from each other, and a biomedical expert and author can guide you further. Follow serial entrepreneur and biohacking expert Jean Fallacara for his contribution to biohacking techniques and tips to train like a cyborg.

Moreover, women can also benefit from his neuroscience calisthenics book and his podcasts revolving around a biohacking approach to fitness. Reach out to him through our website and discuss all the feminine biohacking queries you have!

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